TR3 – Burlington Classes


TR3 – Burlington Classes

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Strength Training

This all-levels class is focused on building strength on top of good movement. Proper technique is emphasized throughout class to build a strong training base, reduce the risk for injury, and promote training progress in all areas.  Participants start with a focused warm up and movement prep, followed by two total-body strength circuits. Each circuit includes four rounds of four exercises, typically in a 5-10 rep range, depending on participant goals and ability.

TR Conditioning

This all-levels conditioning class is designed to meet you where you are today. Whether you need to build your aerobic base, are ready for high intensity intervals, or are looking for a recovery workout, this class is for you. After a focused warm-up, participants rotate through six 6-minute conditioning stations, choosing the intensity that is right for them- all with client specific recovery and individualized heart rate coaching. Don’t just do “cardio”. Learn to safely and effectively train at various intensities utilizing heart rate (HR) training zones and recovery strategies. Hard work PLUS better recovery gets the best results! A wearable heart rate monitor highly encouraged, as is knowing your resting heart rate prior to class.

Kettlebell Training

Learn how to safely and effectively train with the most versatile (and our favorite) training tool available. This all-levels class is focused on proper kettlebell training technique through skill acquisition and practice. Participants start with a focused warm up and movement prep, followed by Turkish Get Ups and a kettlebell circuit or complex appropriate to the level of the individual participants. The class ends with client-specific skill or conditioning work.

Strength & Conditioning

This high intensity class is a combination of everything we do at the TR, which includes strength training, conditioning, and kettlebell training.  Participation in our Strength Training classes or an individual fitness assessment is highly recommended prior to participation in this class.

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single class 23.
6 class package 126.
12 class package 228.
24 class package 408.
monthly unlimited 190.




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