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The Training Room offers one-on-one personal training which provides the client with the highest level of accountability, motivation, and knowledge to help produce lasting results. Schedule a fitness assessment today to get started.

Fitness Assessments

Before beginning a new training program or participating in your first group class, a fitness assessment is recommended. We perform a functional movement screen to assess your movement quality and determine if any exercises should be avoided. Analysis of muscular imbalances, postural alignment, joint mobility and stability will determine what to focus on when creating a program for you. A complete review of your health and injury history combined with goal setting and suggested corrective exercises will be provided. Speak with a certified TR coach about how to reach your goals, train for your next event, or get the most out of our studio classes. The 30-minute assessment includes a basic needs analysis and movement screen. The full 60-minute assessment also includes an overview of our key training concepts, fundamental movements, breathing techniques, and suggested exercises to begin practicing at home.

1 hour session 115.
6 hour sessions 630.
12 hour sessions 1200.
24 hour sessions 2340.
52 hour sessions 4940.
1 half hour session 60.
6 half hour sessions 340.
12 half hour sessions 650.
30-Minute Assessment 50.
60-minute assessment 100.

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