I’m Not Injured, It Just Hurts


by Dr. Kyle McCrobie

Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I see a specialist to get this [back, knee, shoulder, neck] pain checked out?” Then you think about making a doctors appointment, going through the inconvenient process of getting a referral, and ultimately decide that you’ll be fine and it’ll hopefully go away. After all, you don’t recall ever having an incident or event that caused the pain in the first place.
If you experience frequent, intermittent, or even occasional joint pain, your TR coach will always be able to modify exercises for you. A good training plan may even improve your movement quality and joint function enough to decrease or eliminate your pain. But what if at the end of the day your pain is still there? It goes away for a while and then returns? This is when a physical therapist (PT) should come into the picture.
Having a PT evaluate you is the smart choice. They can find the source of your pain, explain why it hurts, develop an individualized rehab plan, and can work with your strength coach on modifying your program during the rehab process. Trust me, your strength coach will thank you because they’re tired of hearing about your aches and pains 🙂
Enter physical therapy at The Training Room. The best case scenario is that your physical therapist and strength coach work together to help you get the most out of your training program and stay injury free. We can help ensure this happens by putting everyone under the same roof. Being able to see a qualified physical therapist at your gym without visiting a clinic multiple times per week, filing through insurance, and avoiding the same “old school” rehab exercises is exactly what you want- which is why we are making it happen for you.

Working at the TR as strength coach while I completed physical therapy school gave me a unique perspective on bridging the gap between rehab and performance. I’m happy to announce that my new physical therapy company, BodySource, is now operating within The Training Room Burlington. I serve as a resource for clients who have that nagging pain that won’t go away or for people who completed physical therapy at a clinic but are nervous about transitioning back to training. My goal is to provide you with convenient access to a physical therapist who understands what you do at the gym.
BodySource Physical Therapy & Wellness does not accept insurance. We believe in working for the patient, not an insurance company. You simply pay the physical therapist directly.
Stay tuned for our next post: Fit Bits? HIIT Training? Splat Points? 3 Reasons Why Knowing Your Heart Rate Can Be A Game Changer
Until Then,
Practice Health & Be Inspired
– Kyle & Heidi

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