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The Power of Referrals

by Dr. Kyle McCrobie

A small business relies on existing customer referrals more than you think. Read below to understand how your recommendation makes a difference.

How does anyone make a decision these days on what to buy or where to go for a service with so much information out there? If you’re not making a beeline for your fave spot or a trusted chain, it can be overwhelming to decide where you should go for a new restaurant, hotel, hair stylist or gym. I can’t be the only one who has looked to Google for these answers and felt overwhelmed. I visit a few websites, read some reviews on Yelp, and after extensive searching, close the laptop without making a decision.

When all of the options seem too similar and the internet can’t convince you to make a decision, it goes like this: You tell a friend you’re looking for a new gym and they say, “Oh, you need to go to The Training Room, they are hands-down the best gym in the area.” Instantly, your mind is made up by this trusted endorsement.

The simple recommendation to your friends is a vital component to the success of our small business. Please help us continue to grow and succeed by spreading the word about The Training Room to your friends.

When your refer a friend to The Training Room and they purchase a package of personal training or group classes, you will receive a complimentary group class! Thank you for supporting our small business 🙂


Stay tuned for our next post: Oh, Baby!
Until Then,
Practice Health & Be Inspired
– Kyle & Heidi


Tired of your gym? Not a “gym” person? We’ve got you.

By Dr. Kyle McCrobie & Heidi Shalek

As 2018 draws to a close, you may find yourself evaluating your fitness routine or thinking ahead to your health and wellness goals for next year- it’s totally normal! Should you join a gym? Should you download a fitness app? Should you check out that boutique fitness studio? Should you do an online program like a Couch to 5k? Should you change your eating habits or get a meal prep service?

With so many options and information floating around, we hope we can point you in the right direction by answering one question: What IS the difference between a big commercial gym and a small fitness studio like the TR? (And why should you care?)

We think it’s safe to say that most people are in agreement about what they dislike about the gym- whether they go or not.

#1. It’s a process to join.
#2. It’s crowded.
#3. It’s usually dirty.
#4. Personal trainers bombard you with their sales pitches.
#5. Creepy gym goers try talking to you even when you have headphones on.
#6. You feel stressed about what to do for your workout.
#7. You’re worried you’re not doing the exercises correctly.
#8. You feel a little self conscious while exercising.
#9. You do everything you can to drag yourself there multiple times in a week.

At the TR, none of the above happens. At the TR, you might even start to look forward to exercising. Why? Because in a small studio environment your program is adjusted specifically for you- even in a group class. Your workouts are appropriately challenging, not inherently painful. With consistent practice, you will know what you are doing and understand why you are doing it. Most of all, you’re making progress you can measure and FEEL. The coaches will make sure you’re getting the most out of the exercises you’re doing by correcting your form. Not to mention that each one of our locations is spotless, the clients are friendly and the music is on point.

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10 Takeaways From My 10 Years in Fitness

by Tyler Cote


That’s right, I’ve now been in the fitness industry for 10 years!  Don’t ask me where the time has gone — all I can tell you is that when you love what you do, it never feels like work. Today, as I look back, I’d like to share with you 10 things I’ve learned over this period of my life:


1) Make fitness a lifestyle

I assess nearly everyone who starts at The Training Room and have found that most voice similar goals: “I want to lose weight”, “I want to get stronger”, and sometimes both. Rather than jumping straight into an exercise, I follow-up with a series of questions:

A.) What is normal day of eating like for you?

B.) What is a normal night of sleeping?

C.) Based on a 1-10 scale, how stressed are you on average?

Your answers to these questions play a major role in achieving your goals. You can exercise as much as you like, but if you don’t have a strong handle on your nutrition, sleep and stress, none of it matters. Creating good habits and making a life commitment to them will be the game changer. If you’re willing to do this, I promise you that what follows will be easier.


2) Build the foundation

When I think about why the TR has been successful over the years, I accredit it to our ability to form a strong foundation for our clients. Mainstream media constantly advertises the next best exercise or quickest way to burn fat. In reality, all they’re doing is pushing you farther away from where you want to be.

Your focus should be learning how to do exercise basics really well. Learn how to breath correctly, how to brace your core, and how to feel when your glutes are activated. These practices may seem slight, but it is this kind of investment that forms the most stable foundation for you to build upon as you increase your strength and skill over time.

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Community Co-op: Local Health & Wellness Businesses Collaborate

Join The Training Room, Runfellow, Oat Shop Boston, Neon Bandits and Somerville Local First on Saturday, September 24th for the Community Co-op Series: Health & Wellness Edition.  Our mission is to bring small businesses together to strengthen the local economy through collaboration.  Proceeds go directly to Somerville Local First, and the funds are used throughout the year to support SLF members as they work to grow their local brands.

TRlocalduathlon copy 2

How can you help support all things local in Somerville?  Sign up to participate in this awesome event that’s not only good for your health, but good for the local economy!  Run 2 miles, bike 10 miles (indoor), and run 1 more mile to the finish!

oatshopSLF copy

Sign up online via The Training Room website by selecting the September 24th date on the calendar and clicking on your preferred time slot.  Registration for this event is FREE, with donations (suggested, $30) accepted at the event.  Oat Shop Boston will be on hand for post-workout fuel, and Neon Bandits will serving up socks.  That’s right, action-lifestyle socks.  What are you waiting for?

neonbandits copy

Dear New York Times: Please Just Stop

If you didn’t catch coach Alex’s blog last week… don’t worry, it’s not too late for an interesting rant read. 🙂 Please enjoy:


I’d like to thank The New York Times for contributing to the malaise and hopelessness currently coupled with obesity.

Why?  Because last Monday the Times published After The Biggest Loser, Their Bodies Fought to Regain the Weight.  A depressing account of what happens to contestants after they leave the show, it is. But good journalism? It is not.

Sadly, this newest article adds to the disagreeable and outdated health advice from the Times, or those found in an Op-Ed.  And full disclosure, I’m far from impartial as The Biggest Loser is among my most hated shows on television. Yet I’m also a religious watcher of The Bachelor, so hey, nobody’s perfect.

I don’t believe the Times had malicious intent, nor were they purposely trying to paint sustained weight loss as some Sisyphean task.  Instead, my main gripe was that they didn’t add anything to the conversation and they failed to propose any solutions.  We’ve known from study after study that losing weight is the “easy” part, maintaining is the hardest.  And the only answers they did provide were bariatric surgery or accepting hunger as the new normal.

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InnerCity Weightlifting Fundraiser 1/24/15

InnerCity Weightlifting is a non-profit that works with Boston’s at-risk youth, providing career, academic, and social opportunities through fitness. They empower young people with the confidence to say no to violence and yes to opportunity.


The Training Room is excited to host our first fundraiser for ICW on Saturday, January 24th.  We are offering FREE online sign up for all TR classes from 10AM to 1PM.  Donations for ICW will be accepted at the event.

Something Gud, a local farmer’s market delivery service, will also be on site.  10% of all Something Gud sales will go to benefit ICW.

Please visit to find out more about how you can help reduce violence in Boston and change lives.  Continue reading

To Stretch or Not to Stretch? Part 2

By Chris Mullins
In part 1 (last month) we learned that just because a muscle is tight doesn’t mean it needs to be stretched. We also learned that there have been quite a few studies (such as this one from Stephen F. Austin State University and this very comprehensive re-analysis from the University of Zagreb, Croatia)  that static stretching prior to exercise may actually inhibit athletic performance. However, this doesn’t mean stretching is completely pointless. It simply means you need to establish which muscle(s) and type of stretch is right for you, then ensure you are doing it correctly.


How? The case for stretching.
Let’s simplify this for a moment: almost every muscle in the body has a counterpart that performs the opposite function. Biceps and triceps, quads and hamstrings, all the way out to the muscles that open and close your hand. Also, muscles are dumb. Continue reading

Get some sleep.

Sleep: The Ultimate Recovery by Tyler Cote

Recently I have become interested in many aspects of health, not just exercise. Don’t get me wrong — fitness remains my number one passion. If I stop working out for a week (heck, even a few days), my whole life seems upside down. But nonstop training isn’t good for me either. Recovery is essential, and what better way to recover than to sleep. Continue reading

The Health Square: 4 Keys to Fitness

You’re ready to take the plunge and dedicate yourself to getting in shape. You’ve come to the right place. I’m about to tell you the most important things you need to know to get there. I call my approach the Health Square. The health square consists of four equally important categories. The categories themselves are probably not new to you, but how I’ll ask you to look at them may be. Continue reading

Training Room TRAC: Strength & Conditioning x2 Week




TRAC (Training Resistance And Conditioning) is a twice weekly, structured and progressive group training program.  Each 60-minute training session is tailored to your individual needs.  TRAC sessions meet on a M/W or Tu/Th schedule at 6AM or 6:30PM.  Advance sign up for one time slot is required at the beginning of the month.  Because the program is progressive, mid-month sign ups are not permitted.

What to expect when you sign up for TRAC:

– participant assessments and functional movement screening

– functionally sound movement training integrated with strength training and conditioning twice per week

– individual workout charts provided for participants to track their progress each month

– 16 participant maximum, divided into 4-person sub groups

– accountability, motivation, and structure with two certified personal trainers leading every workout



1 month TRAC – $200

3 months TRAC – $560





TR2 Update: Demolition & Rare Finds

The old bathrooms are going away…

The walls are gone, but we are considering leaving this urinal open to the training area.

All of the old ceiling plaster has been torn down so we can install new lighting and electrical wiring.

You’re looking at the the future cycling studio and 50/50 area!

The downstairs level has been cleared out.

And now it looks like this!

We also found a 65-year old Ruppert beer can in the wall… looks like new!

Stay tuned for more updates next week.  The training area is getting a brand new roof!!


“What the Fluff” Festival in Union Square: Fluff Responsibly

At The Training Room, we support healthy eating habits and consistent exercise routines- and most of all, we support BALANCE and moderation in all things.  That’s why we are excited to give a shout out to the upcoming Fluff Festival in Union Square.  Swing by and enjoy a reasonably portioned taste!  Afterwards, head over to The Training Room and burn off those extra calories… 40 calories in a 2Tbs serving, to be exact! Although we do not support a steady diet of Fluff or other marshmallow-related products, we do support the local community.  Eat Smart!

Enter to celebrate the Sixth Annual “What the Fluff” Festival in Union Square, Somerville

Images Courtesy of Union Square Main Streets

As Wikipedia defines it, Fluff is:

“Marshmallow creme is a very sweet, spreadable, marshmallow-like confection. Marshmallow creme and peanut butter are used to create a Fluffernutter sandwich…One popular brand of marshmallow creme, sold principally in the Northeastern United States, is Marshmallow Fluff.”

This year, on Saturday, September 24th, Union Square Main Streets will present the Sixth Annual “What the Fluff?” Festival in Union Square, Somerville to honor Archibald Query, who invented this delicious “fluffy” spread right here in Union Square in 1917. There will be food, games, entertainment, even a celebrity appearance by Susan Olsen, or ‘Cindy’ as many know her, from the Brady Bunch. And there’s still time to enter the Fluff cooking contest, which boasts some top prizes, including a tour of the factory (a rare treat)!

I’ve decided to get into the fun this year and I hope you will join me! To celebrate, Wicked Good Travel & Activities is having its first-ever giveaway contest…

The rules are simple:

  • Leave a comment below telling everyone why you love Fluff – and be creative! 1 comment per person. If you have a twitter account tweet about it to @WickedGoodTravl and use the  hashtag #FluffFest. Leave me a comment letting me know if you did!
  • I’m looking for unique recipes, short prose (5 sentences or less), or poems, or those fun little things called haikus, and even vlogs (short videos, 5 min or less, that you’ve uploaded on YouTube- such as making a recipe or a video montage) all proclaiming your love for Fluff.

And the prizes are awesome:

  • One lucky winner will get a free Fluff tote bag (pictured above).
  • Another lucky winner will receive a gift certificate for 2 free studio class at The Training Room in Somerville, MA. What better way to work off all that fluff you’ll eat testing recipes and at the festival?
  • All winners will be celebrated and featured on Wicked Good Travel & Activities, Somerville Patch, and Union Square Main Streets!
Fluff 2010 by Julie Polvinen

Image Courtesy of Union Square Main Streets

That’s all you have to do.

You have until September 12th to submit your comment below and I’ll email the winners that week and they will be announced to everyone on Friday, September 16th.

We look forward to your comments as well as seeing you on September 24th to join in all the fluffy fun!

Images Courtesy of Union Square Main Streets

Come celebrate The Training Room’s 2nd anniversary


Fitness on the Avenue



The Training Room plans to celebrate its second-year anniversary with a “block party” event on Saturday, July 23rd from 12 PM to 4 PM.  The event will be held along the Somerville Ave./Elm St. parking corridor, located in front of the facility at 691A Somerville Avenue.

Attendees will be encouraged to take advantage of the free fitness classes, demonstrations and screenings that will be offered by The Training Room staff and Physical Therapists, Lorna Brown and Keith Foley from the Cambridge Spaulding Center for Rehabilitation.

Live music provided by Felix Brown will keep an upbeat tempo for the two 45-minute outdoor bootcamps, intended to take place outside the facility weather pending.  In addition to bootcamps, The Training Room will have free: yoga and cycling classes, foam rolling demos, functional movement screening and running gait analysis.***

Training Room co-owners Heidi Brown and Maren Kravitz hope to continue their efforts in helping the City of Somerville to stay among the fittest cities in America.

If you would like more information about this event, call 617-284-6088 or e-mail The Training Room at

***Advance signup is recommended for bootcamps, yoga, cycling and foam rolling demos, as space is limited.

Follow the link and RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW